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We take the time to understand your requirements, challenge thinking explore different technologies to meet your requirements. Our system consultants have vast experience in AV integration and as we are brand agnostic rest assured that they won’t be pushing a product that doesn’t meet your requirements.


With your requirements in hand, our AV engineers design a system to meet your requirements and budget. It is during the process any integration issues will be identified, resolved and discussed with you prior to developing your tailored and costed proposal.
AV Design Sydney
AV Implementation Sydney


Upon design approval our integration team gets the ball rolling by assigning a project manager with the right experience to deliver on time and on budget. 

Our team will communicate with you throughout the project to ensure that you are kept abreast of the project status and any potential impacts on your organisation.

Upon completion we take the time to make sure you and your team members are confident in the use of the technology. In the event that you are still not confident you are always welcome to book another training session with our team.


Our systems are backed by our 1-year workmanship guarantee. We service and support a variety of AV systems and can offer a range of services from 
ad hoc service calls, preventative service agreements to monthly support agreements.

We offer specialist training support for various AV technologies. Based on your needs we can tailor a custom solution for your organisation

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